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The Fundamentals Of Galactic Astrology

Astrology is an ancient tradition relating the cycles of the sun, moon and planets to patterns in life. The current Astrological chart is an Earth based view of the solar system. The planets move through the signs at different rates and as such represent those aspects of life that operate on a similar timescale.

The aim of galactic astrology is to extend our astrological frame to encompass the galaxy, moving from an Earth based system to a Sun based system. Galactic Astrology is relatively new, less than 15 years old as a technique. It can allow the true path of an individual in the course of human history to be charted. No longer being exclusively Earth based, the principles can be applied to charts drawn up on other bodies in the Solar System, for that time when humanity may venture beyond the confines of Earth. There are indications that galactic astrology may be rediscovering a level of understanding touched on by the builders of stone circles.

For more information on Galactic Astrology, visit the The Astological Society

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