Canst thou draw Leviathan with a hook?

An extract from the Saros Autumn 1997 Newsletter

The octahedron, sometimes known as the hermion, can be portrayed as Leviathan, the Great Dragon, or as a crystal lattice of field/structure (1-3-6-12)

The Great Dragon, encompassing all other dragons, holding his tail in his mouth to encircle all worlds is a living nightmare (see Job, 41). Impervious to all weapons, showering fire and destruction on all alike and seizing on the smallest of errors/impurities. Awesome his power, terrible his claws, pitiless his execution. His realm is cold, cold as the wind which blows between the worlds, eating the warmth from men's bones.

1 Sound/silence
3 single sounds
6 triple sounds
12 quadruple sounds

The crystal hermion possessing the colours of all crystals or none, radiant with the appearance of fire and ice, is surrounded by angelic beings (Cherubim) singing praises to the One (see Ezekiel, 1). In the diagram it is shown as containing the basic combinations of vowel sounds which Saros takes as an expression of the underlying structure of living meaning. A glorious image when radiant of the simplicity and elegance of living form. Can these two views be the same? Who can eat of this tree?

1 Holy Cosmos
3 forces/ 3 axis
6 directions
12 edges

Note: Make cuts along the vertical and horizontal axis. Interleave to construct a sphere or crystal. Hang by a thread from a high place to make a primum mobile.

Richard Teale

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