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Traditional Stick Fighting
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Photo Gallery 6

Quarterstaff weekend at Unstone Grange near Sheffield, October 2011.


Photo Gallery 5

Staff training workshop with Wolfshead, a group of archers and swordsmen, in May 2010.


Video Gallery

The videos show a variety of fighting sequences


Photo Gallery 4

Staff workshop in Bristol, September 2007


Photo Gallery 3

Staff workshop at Tribe of Doris, August 2007

The organisers of Tribe of Doris, a week-long drumming and dance event in Somerset, invited us to run a quarterstaff workshop there. Chris and Gwil ran four two-hour workshops and about 80 men participated overall. Thanks, Doris - we enjoyed it and also improved our drumming skills.

In brilliant weather, we were on a flat grass field and did work on combat sequences, sparring, using peripheral vision, mind-body-weight coordination and using the qualities of the six animals.


Photo Gallery 2

From a weekend in Herefordshire, May 2007


Photo Gallery 1

From a weekend in Gloucestershire, May 1999