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Traditional Stick Fighting
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The Bear

Image by SparkyLeigh (see below)

The developed warrior
has the repose
of the bear,
is awesome and dignified


The bear has great strength in its arms and legs. It swipes with its arms and uses its weight to knock over its adversaries. Though heavy, it can move quickly and quietly.

The bear’s hearing is very sharp, its sense of smell good and its eyesight poor at distance.

The bear stance has feet parallel, a foot’s width wider apart than a shoulder’s width. The stance is lower than the ready stance but higher than the cat or fox. To sink the weight, tilt the pelvis as if tucking the tailbone between your legs; your centre of gravity should then be three fingers’ width below the navel.

In this stance, the warrior is immovable.


Video: the Bear warmup

The Bear in Myth






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Image Credit: SparkyLeigh