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Traditional Stick Fighting
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The Hawk

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The developed warrior has
the grasping power
of the hawk.


The hawk has by far the keenest eyesight of the six animals. Its eyes direct its wings, which guide its talons to their prey. If the talons do not grasp the prey tight at the moment of impact, it may escape. For the hawk, the attack is a single strike.

The hawk is patient. It will circle for hours, watching for the opportunity. It abandons most of its dives towards its prey. It only goes for the kill when sure it can strike its quarry.

The stance of the hawk is upright. One foot is held with toe touching the ground in front of and at right angles to the rear foot firmly on the ground. All the weight is in the rear leg, which is slightly bent. From this stance the warrior makes a long stride to strike with the staff at full length.


Video: the Hawk warmup

The Hawk in Myth

Llew and Gwydion
in The Mabinogion






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Image: Stockvault