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Traditional Stick Fighting
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The Boar

Image by Andrew Pescod (see below)

The developed warrior
has the explosive power
of the boar.


The boar is close to the ground. Its normal pace is slow but it can explode into fast fierce rushes. In antiquity it was the most feared of the wild animals because the upward slash of its tusks can rip open a man’s thigh or belly. The spear used for hunting boar had a cross-piece to prevent the charging boar from goring the hunter even though impaled on his spear.

The boar’s eyesight is poor, but its sense of scent is very keen. It is sure of its ground and is hard to dislodge.

The boar stance is low and wide. From it the warrior can turn quickly in either direction, using the momentum to give extra force to a blow.


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Image: Andrew Pescod