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Traditional Stick Fighting
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The Cat

The developed warrior is
soft and yielding
like the cat,
is flexible and adaptable.


The cat is the most fluid of the animals. It can pause in mid-movement without losing its balance. It can move in any direction with equal ease. It can spring into an attack from almost any position; in retreat it can roll, twist and turn.

The cat is watchful. Its sense of hearing is sharp and in hunting it combines eye and ear. It is careful to choose its moment of attack and will not venture an attack unless the situation gives it an advantage.

When not under threat, the cat is relaxed and supple. Its movements are easy and effortlessly coordinated.

The cat stance is low, with feet at right angles, the front foot slightly extended. Weight shifting in this stance rotates the pelvis. The warrior can turn from this posture with a fast upward or downward blow.


Video: the Cat warmup

The Cat in Myth


Nine lives

The cat that walked by itself
by Rudyard Kipling




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